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Now in San Francisco

June 1-5, San Francisco San Francisco gets in touch with its United Nations roots by hosting World Environment Day 2005 , with mayors from all over the world coming to meet with other world citizens and talk about green cities.

June 3 & 11, San Francisco progressives unite with the San Francisco Peoples' Organization — first, a Kick Off Party (June 3) with Matty G and some phat Greens and hipsters, followed by the Founding Convention (June 11), all of which you can be a part of and make things happen.

right now on the streets of SF The San Francisco Bicycle Advisory Committee is conducting public review of the Bike Plan 2004 2005 Draft Network Improvement Document, the "Plan part" of the Bike Plan 2004 2005 (the "Policy part" is slowly percolating up to the Board of Supervisors).

right now on the streets of SF The San Francisco Bicycle Advisory Committee is also conducting public review of Bike Planning and Environmental Review , towards legislative reform of LOS ("Level of Service"), a long-standing obstacle to safer, more accessible streets for bikes (and peds and transit and seniors and humans in general). This is an obscure topic with a profound influence on bike planning — please come join the conversation and help us resolve one of the biggest complications to better biking in San Francisco.

now in the headlines The Bay Guardian was right, sez Chronicle – SF's been gypped out of public power for decades by PG&E and City Hall corruption
(full story here)

right now on Market Street The Market Street Study "an examination of pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle circulation issues on the length of Market Street between the Ferry Building and Octavia Street. The study will culminate in an implementation plan containing a prioritized list of low-cost, quick-pay-off projects that can be implemented in the short- to mid-term."

looks like they'll save it after all - play with Playland at the Musée Mécanique

out at Ocean Beach, ravens are ganging up on dogs (Sunset Beacon).
pointermore on ravens at PBS.org

the celebrated craigslist

in the mood for a movie? the SF Gate's handy Movie Finder

was that a big truck or should we step under a doorway? the latest earthquake info at Seismic State

there's a free SF walking tour setting off soon— San Francisco City Guides, "walking SF for 25 years"

there's art all over the place at SF International Airport

Marin Agricultural Land Trust's Hikes & Tours Calendar

Bay Area Progressive Directory's San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Calendar

Now All Over

right now, Albany Waterfront Park The Albany Bulb, a semi-spoiled, de-spoiled, re-spoiled scene, is under attack by the straights. Jon Carroll's column from the Chronicle has some background, Let It Be Albany will tell you why it's worth saving. Tomas McCabe has even made a documentary film about the Bulb, Bum's Paradise.

the atomic clock (NIST, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Boulder Laboratories)

how slow can you go? the Long Now Foundation want to ring your chime very infrequently

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